Peanut Alert School

Clear Lake Elementary
is a Peanut Alert School.

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Several of our students have a severe allergy to peanuts. This allergy can be life-threatening.  The only way to prevent an allergic reaction for these students is strict avoidance.  Accidental contact or ingestion with peanuts or even their dust can range from mild to severe, and may even be fatal.

We wish to make our school as safe as possible for ALL students. Therefore, Clear Lake Elementary is a Peanut Alert school.


Being a Peanut Alert School means we have eliminated all known peanut products from our school cafeteria menus and we ask all items that include peanuts or have been processed in the same facility as peanuts are not brought to school. Although, we do our best to monitor what is brought into the building, we cannot guarantee that students with life-threatening allergies will not be accidentally exposed to an allergen in the school environment.  Please help us keep these students safe, check the ingredients of all foods your child brings to school and keep home what may be life-threatening to allergic students.


Food allergy awareness is important for everyone.  Adult attitudes may have a significant impact on how children with food allergies are treated. The Food Allergy Research & Education organization offers some very helpful information on Food Allergy Awareness, Reacting with Respect and how to Be a Pal to Friends with Allergies.


Thank you for helping us make Clear Lake Elementary a safe school environment for all of our students.