Campbell's Labels for Education

Campbell's Labels for EducationTM program is an easy, fun way to help Clear Lake get free educational merchandise, including computers, sports/fitness equipment and musical instruments.

Just clip the labels, UPC's or save the lids from elgible products.  Look for the picture on the left displayed on the product. 

For a complete list of elgible products visit 

Have your student bring in all elgible labels, UPC's or lids to their classroom or place the labels in the box outside of the cafeteria.

Collecting and redeeming labels
couldn't be easier! Just follow the steps below:
Clip and save
Tyson Project A+
labels from
Tyson products.
Turn in the labels
at your school.
Your school
redeems them
for cash.
Each label
is worth 24¢.

For a complete list of participating products visit :

Project A+ Label Placement on Boxes of Tyson Products:
(Cut on dotted line and send in entire panel.)

Send labels into school with your child or you can place the labels in the container outside of the cafeteria.