Mrs. Qi

      Chinese Teacher

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B.A. in French
Dalian University of Foreign Languages

International Baccalaureate Certification

April 2013

Welcome to my classroom! I have been a foreign language teacher since 2010.This is my 3rd year in teaching, and also my 1st year in the US. I do hope this year will become an exciting start for me teaching in a brand new country, and I do hope this year will become an amazing memory that I can always recall when I look back my teaching career in the future.
I graduated from Dalian University of Foreign Languages in China in 2007 and received my bachelor’s degree majored in French.
I am looking forward to bringing my students into a wonderful land with flowers growing under Chinese language and culture. I am also looking forward to making the students become the best of them because of the usage of a foreign language that has the biggest amount of speakers on the planet and because of the fullest accomplishment of their potential.